Property issues can be problematic and occasionally, when a party feel themselves to have been wronged, a property dispute can be taken to court. In these circumstances experts are called upon to give an assessment of the situation and testify in court about their findings. The professionals of CS Pringle can be called upon to assess the situation in the case of boundary issues, right of way disputes, damage to adjoining properties, accident scene surveys, equipment analysis and a host of other possible scenarios.

We can also provide assistance in dealing with planning issues and legal certificates required for properties.

Certificates of Compliance and Identity

To ensure that your buildings are fully certified and in compliance with all local, national and Europe-wide regulations, our staff can assess a property and ensure that it is fully in compliance, making suggestions for any necessary alterations. Once we are satisfied that the property is fully compliant with all legal issues we can issue a Certificate of Compliance and Identity for the property to the client.

Planning Searches

This involves the carrying out of a detailed inspection in the relevant planning authority to determine the planning history of the property in question. This is done to ensure there are no unauthorised developments. Advices can also be given with regard to the possible retention permission in such circumstances. Also included are inspections of the relevant Development Plan and if necessary any current planning applications in the immediate surrounding area and advise on any proposed applications, which may have an adverse affect on the property in question. Any current issues such as Enforcement Notices or future issues such as road widening proposals, which may affect the site are also dealt with.

Accident Scene Survey

CS Pringle can examine and survey the scenes of accidents ranging from agricultural accidents and accidents with machinery to road traffic accidents. In the case of a Road Traffic accident our staff may be called upon to draw up a detailed map of the scene and represent same in court as a professional witness.

In a similar fashion, in the case of industrial or agricultural accidents, we can assess the site of the accident and examine any machinery that may have been involved to check for defects. A report is then drawn up, that, in conjunction with witness reports may be used to help ascertain the sequence of events.

Fire Damage

In the aftermath of a fire, our company can examine the extent of the damage and provide assessments of the damage and the cost of a potential reconstructing of the property to its previous state or to a new design that the client may specify. Should legal issues arise from disputes about valuations or the extent of fire damage C.S. Pringle Ltd can send representatives to act as expert witnesses regarding the compliance of the damaged building to fire regulations and/or testifying in court about the extent of any damage caused by fire.


After a number of years, buildings that are poorly constructed may begin to experience subsidence or settling into the ground. Many of these buildings look superficially sound for many years but should the foundations be insufficient there will eventually be structural consequences with negative effects for the owner of the property. Anyone whose properties have been affected in the long term by negligence in the construction stage may well feel justly aggrieved with those responsible. Our engineers are able to examine both the compromised structure and, if available, the records of the construction, to determine whether professional negligence did indeed occur and if so, which parties are responsible. Should there be sufficient evidence to suggest negligence and should the client wish it, our engineers can act as expert witnesses in court to testify about the engineering facts and relevant building legislation at the time of construction.

Structural Analysis

Our engineers are able to carry out structural analysis on buildings, whether they are in the construction stage or have been constructed many years ago. Many structures may impose certain responsibilities on their owners. For example, should a structure be unstable and near an adjoining property the owner of the adjoining property could attempt to classify the structure owner as negligent through tort law. Alternatively, if the structure is near a public thoroughfare it could be demolished by the council under the Derelict Buildings Act. While these are fairly extreme examples, all building must be maintained to a certain standard by their owners if the owners are to remain free of any worries about potential litigation. Our team can provide a structural analysis to provide peace of mind in this matter.

Dispute Resolution

We act as an independent third party to help resolve engineering disputes. We can assess the situation using surveys or engineering analysis as required and can suggest possible solutions to property disputes, allowing disputants to avoid costly legal battles and ensuring a fair and equitable solution to difficult disputes.