CS Pringle undertakes surveys, snag lists and reports on all types of properties. The team can also provide condition/dilapidations analysis for tenants and landlords, defects analysis and reinstatement cost assessments for insurance protection for your property.

In any business, knowing the state of affairs currently existing is a vital prerequisite to any action. Our surveying service is an integral part of the comprehensive services offered by CS Pringle in that they offer our clients a detailed picture of their property, thus giving our clients an informed choice of action.

Structural Survey

A structural survey is an investigation or inspection of the construction and services of a property in sufficient detail to enable the Engineer to advise what impact its condition will have upon the client. A structural survey is usually commissioned prior to the purchase of a dwelling. CS Pringle has vast experience in this field and has undertaken surveys of an extensive range of building types, both old and new. A thorough inspection of the building is carried out to give a comprehensive report on its condition, warning the client of any future expenses that might be incurred with the building and advise on purchasing. The final Report follows a detailed examination of the fabric of the building by an experienced and professionally qualified surveyor who knows what and where to look for any such problems. A standard survey would comprise of the following:

Condition / Dilapidations Survey

A condition survey is a detailed account of the physical condition of a property and can be tailored to the client’s need depending on information required or proposed use for the property.

In a landlord and tenant situation where disputes can stem from arguments over the state or maintenance of the property. For example, did the tenant damage the property during their tenure? Did the landlord rent out a defective property? To prevent such disputes from occurring our Surveying Department can carry out an objective and comprehensive report detailing and recording the exact state of a property at a given date, at the behest of either the tenant or landlord. This is referred to as a Schedule of Condition/Dilapidation and involves a written report along with dated photographic and video evidence. Alternatively, surveys can be carried out at various intervals to ensure any changes are properly recorded.

This protects tenants from exploitation and protects landlords from having to endure damage to their property and protecting both parties from the hazards and expenses of future litigation. It can also protect the interests of neighbours by ensuring that works carried out on adjoining land do not affect nearby properties.

Boundary Identification

There are an increasing number of property owners who experience some form of boundary related problem with their neighbours, which may include any of the following:

We can assist in these situations by providing expert mapping and advice on how best to deal with these problematic situations.


We have extensive experience in this field and have been retained on numerous occasions to assist clients in accurately identifying the location of boundaries on their property and informing our clients of their rights. We have also been retained to act as expert witnesses, should the need arise.